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Kick-Off Meeting with consultants engaged for Bihar

23rd December 2020, Virtual MS Teams Meeting

A virtual meeting was held on 23rd December 2020 with the newly appointed consultants and BIADA officials to kick-off the development of an Environmental Cell in Bihar.

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22nd December 2020, Virtual MS Teams Meeting

A kick off meeting was organized for the Development of Digital Information System (DIS) for Industrial Parks in West Bengal by GIZ, on 22nd of December 2020. The main objective of this meeting was to share and exchange of information for the development of a digital portal.

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18th December 2020; Online Workshop on MS Teams

A webinar was conducted on ‘Emission Trading Scheme in Surat’, under the ongoing Indo German Development Cooperation, project “Reduction of Air Pollution in Three Indian Cities” by GIZ. The objective of the webinar was to exchange information and experiences on how the Emission Trading Scheme is supporting in decreasing the emission levels in Gujarat.  

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03 - 04 December 2020, Virtual MS Teams meeting

A two-day virtual training on “Planning of New Industrial Parks & Investment/ Manufacturing Zones” was organised on the 3rd and 4th of December 2020, through MS Teams. The training was conducted by Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala, Project Director, GIZ-SEIP II. Representatives from BIADA, SIDCUL and WBIDC (West Bengal, Bihar and Uttarakhand) participated in the two-day training.

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More about GIZ work under Urban & Industrial subsector




Climate Change Adaptation in Industrial Areas


International Environmental Protection Practices - Case Studies

Environmental management has been a key prerogative in India, both by way of deferment to international treaties and agreements, as well as from a well-established tradition of respect for the fundamental elements such as water, soil, air and other natural resources.

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SEIP Success Stories: The compilation aims to showcase how engagement with partners and stakeholders has enabled process improvements to achieve cleaner production and resource efficiency. Low to no-cost solutions, skilling of technicians and participatory actions have unlocked pollution reduction and resource efficiency potentials. 

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DRAFT Sustainability Standards for Industrial Parks in India

A well planned and organised industrial area, defined by a set of quality parameters such as economic quality, environmental quality and social quality, is an answer to sustainability. These criteria and quality parameters are referred to as Sustainability Standards.


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An International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks

The aim of this publication is to provide an international framework (the “Framework”) with the minimum requirements and performance expectations as to how an industrial park can become an Eco-Industrial Park (EIP).

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Guidelines for Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA)

The proposed “SIA Guidelines” for the development of Sustainable Industrial Areas focus on the management level of an industrial zone or park.

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Planning for Sustainable Industrial Parks in India

This document showcases the successful case examples of site master planning and retrofitting of industrial parks ..

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