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Water savings at Bagga Link Motors Ltd. in Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi

The Company

Bagga Link Motors Ltd., an automobile service station located in Patparganj Industrial Area in Delhi took initiative to make its operations more sustainable by increasing its energy and resource efficiency. The company with a strength of approx of 200 people services around 50 to 55 cars on a daily basis.

With the support of an Indo-German expert team, an assessment of their current resource and energy usage has been undertaken in order to identify existing efficiency gaps. Whilst the detailing of measures is currently still ongoing, some success has already been realised through the implementation of simple and low-cost measures.

Problems identified

Measures (Solutions) 



Resource Efficiency:

Water losses in the car washing section due to open water hose

Worker training to raise awareness and to close the water hose after car washing

No Costs

Reduced waste water discharge and water consumption:

Savings in water consumption are estimated to be 15,000 litres per year, translating into annual savings of 7,200 INR

Total costs:

No cost

Total monetary savings:

INR 7,200 per year

Estimated payback period:

0 Months

Lesson Learned 

Despite the initial efforts on behalf of Bagga Link Motors Ltd. towards environmental improvements in their operation, there was a scope of amelioration regarding saving potentials within the company. Water wastage occurred because of a lack of knowledge and awareness, and not because of the absence of highly complex technology. Only by giving information and training the company staff to close the valve of the water hose after car washing, Bagga Link Motors Ltd. could achieve notable water and consequently cost savings. This rise in awareness among the workers on how small and simple changes in behaviour can generate substantial resource and cost savings will further generate increased interest in energy efficiency measures. Because of the positive experience achieved with the first measure Bagga Link Motors Ltd. was encouraged to undertake further interventions, such as arresting the leakages in the water pipelines and in the compressed air lines.

The fact that cleaner production is not merely a good deed for the environment but also helps to increase operational efficiency leading to cost-savings and increased competitiveness, is being vividly demonstrated by the implementation of these simple yet effective changes, further contributing to a change in perception regarding environment-friendly production, paving the way for more large-scale interventions in future.

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