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Insights - Industrial Wastewater Management Framework.....Exploring various facets….

29th November 2019

Under the Sustainable & Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP-II), the focus is on the framework aspects related to abatement of industrial wastewater pollution. The main outputs of the project are:

Strengthening of Legal Framework;Strengthening of Organisational Procedures and Processes;Strengthening of Incentive Mechanisms; andStrengthening of Knowledge Products.

As part of the project, Gap Analysis Assessments (Baseline studies) to assess the present situation for each of the above-mentioned the output was carried out namely by,

  • Output 1- Strengthening of legal framework – Ernst & Young
  • Output 2- Strengthening of Organisational structures and processes - Deloitte
  • Output 3- Incentive mechanisms to reduce industrial pollution - CRISIL
  • Output 4- Knowledge products - National Productivity Council

The objective of the webinar was to elaborate, discuss and to gather input from stakeholders on the gaps and needs assessment carried out for all four outputs to create an effective framework at national and state levels for the overall industrial waste water management in the country.

Participants raised questions and provided comments that focused on suggestions for content betterment as well as stakeholder engagement, with the goal of better informing public and private decision-making at all levels.

Output 1.pdf
Output 2.pdf
Output 3.pdf