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Industrial Wastewater Management – Effluent Charges

24th January 2020

how industrial water treatment solutions can provide opportunities for cost savings?

This webinar explored the topic of innovative financing for sustainable wastewater management.

Many small businesses generate wastewater that must be discharged or treated in accordance with local, state, and/or national requirements. The evaluation of the discharged industrial waste water is relevant for all municipal networks. Through an appropriate combination of required pre-treatment, the composition of the combined municipal and industrial waste water can be influenced in a way to get a most optimized and economic solution. In Germany, it is not permitted to discharge untreated waste water into rivers and lakes, regardless of whether it originates from private households, trade or large-scale industry. The Federal Water Act (WHG) stipulates that pollutants contained in drainage water must be reduced in line with the best available technology. In today’s presentation, basic structures on how to integrate industrial waste water in a best way in the sewerage network and treatment will be described. Following which, the approach for the evaluation of indirect discharged waste water according to the “polluters-pay principle” will be presented. The presentation will also show several specific applications of industrial pre-treatments.

Prof. Dr.-Ing- Peter Hartwig, Managing Director of the Engineering Office Aqua Consult, made the presentation.

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