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Developing Management Structure for Industrial Parks in Uttarakhand

06 - 08 February 2017, Dehradun

Under the SEIP Project, the management structures of industrial development corporations in India are being analysed to understand the current situation, and advice upon possible changes by benchmarking them with German and International Industrial Parks. With this background; visits, meetings and workshops were organised during 06 to 08 February 2017 in Dehradun and Haridwar wherein German expert met office bearers of SIIDCUL, industrial associations and other stakeholders at Uttarakhand. The expert,  Dr. Michael Weber, CEO of Weber Sites Consulting having experience of more than 25 years in development and management of sustainable industrial areas project in Algeria, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

During meetings, he made presentations and delved into intentions and expectations of key stakeholders at IIE Haridwar and at Dehradun. The presentations included:

  • Existing management structure and service portfolio in German industrial parks 
  • Comprehensive description and evaluation of the current management structure and service platform on the respective site and unveiling of the main differences to the situation in Germany
  • Discussion on applicability of German management structures and service portfolios in Indian industrial parks – general discrepancies between German and Indian situation
  • Evaluation of possible procedure to establish sustainable industrial park management and comprehensive service portfolio including governance activities in the respective industrial park

Officer bearers from CII appreciated the initiative and stated that Uttarakhand should take the lead and pioneer the industrial parks management model of Germany, suitably adopted. Office bearers from Industry Association of Uttarakhand (IAU) stated that development of management structure is very important from Uttarakhand point to retain and attract new investment.