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First Project Steering Committee, Delhi Meeting

April 7, 2017, Conference Hall DSIIDC, Connaught place

First meeting of Project Steering Committee , Delhi was conducted on 7th April, 2017. The meeting, held in the the conference Hall, DSIIDC Office, Connaught Place was chaired by CMD, DSIIDC. Committee members and representatives from all three sites in Delhi i.e. Patparganj Industrial Area, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Okhla industrial Area (Phase I and Phase II) attended the meeting. Representative from Mayapuri CETP also participated.

Purpose of the meeting was:

  • review of the SEIP Project activities in Delhi and its progress to suggest measures as may be necessary for achieving the objectives and results of the project.
  • approval of the operation plan of the project activities in Delhi detailing the milestones and timelines.
  • ensure that the existing data, information and reports required for the project are made available to GIZ and its national/international experts.
  • planning for environment improvement drive 2017.

Mr. C. Sripati, Technical Advisor, SEIP, Delhi team initiated the discussions by introducing the members of Project Steering Committee- Delhi. A presentation on various project activities under SEIP project for the three sites of Delhi was made by GIZ. Pending issues like Co-operation Agreement, formation of facilitation teams, site specific problems etc. were also raised during the meeting. The committee showed keen interest in the activities proposed to be taken up in Patparganj industrial area during the upcoming Environment improvement drive 2017. DSIIDC and PFEA committed their full support for the same.

It was decided to convene the PSC will again in three months to review the project progress. The meeting ended with concluding remarks from C. Sripati from GIZ and CMD, DSIIDC.

Presentation by GIZ on project progress in Delhi

ED, DSIIDC, discussing with the stake holders

Presentation on proposed environment improvement Drive by GIZ

Discussion with the committee members