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Expert from GOPA Infra visited GIDC Industrial Estate

3 – 11 May 2017, Vapi, Gujarat

Dr. Ulrich Schmitz, from GOPA Infra Company, Germany, visited GIDC Industrial Estate Vapi from 3rd to 11th May 2017. During his weeklong visit, together with GIZ SEIP Cell, Vapi, he conducted meetings and field visits. He suggested improvements for wastewater treatment processes in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) of selected industries as a part of the activity.

During his 1st visit in February 2017, as a result of various discussions held with 10 ETPs and GPCB, it was established that GPCB had problems in keeping one or more pollution control parameters in limit. By means of questionnaires, design document, data records, results of sample collected and visual inspection, the expert assessed the condition and performance of the plants. He met officials from each industry individually and gave suggestions for the improvement of their ETPs like optimization of aeration tank, correct chemical dosing for improved settling of sludge, new tertiary treatment technology to reduce colour and TDS.

A workshop to this effect was also arranged with GPCB at Vapi on May 11, 2017. 35 participants had participated in the workshop and got the idea about the improvements industries can be done in their ETPs.

Based on inputs from the German expert, GIZ will come up with exemplary suggestions on improvement measures as well as future technologies which can be implemented in similar industries.