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Meeting with Jal Nigam Officials in Haridwar

02 November 2017, IIE SIIDCUL, Haridwar

Chaired by Mr. Sanjay Rawat, DGM Technical SIIDCUL, a meeting was conducted at CETP Haridwar amongst the team members from Peya Jal Nigam, SK-UEM Project manager, Gopa Infra, SIIDCUL Haridwar technical staff and the GIZ SEIP team to discuss –

  1. Estimation of demand potential for re-using CETP Treated water by Industrial units in SIIDCUL Haridwar.
  2. Technical inputs regarding the pipeline material for carrying treated wastewater
  3. Other inputs /findings based on CETP assessment and Reuse of Treated Waste-Water by the Industrial units.

Under SIIDUCL’s initiative towards achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) mandate in the industrial estate as per the NGT directives, Mr. Anupam Ratan, Project Manager - Peya Jal Nigam, informed that Peya Jal Nigam will soon initiate a survey on the IIE Hardwar to construct the supply network for the reuse of CETP Treated wastewater by the resident companies in IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar. He requested participants to share their findings and other key information which will help in preliminary estimations for the construction of storage and distribution network for recycled wastewater for industries in SIIDCUL Haridwar. Mr. Trushit Desai from GopaInfra and Mr. Amit Kr. Singh, CETP Project Manager – SKUEM informed that the most common usage of the treated water can be cooling towers and domestic use (toilet flushing) to start with. The meeting was highly productive and many suggestions pertaining to the structure of the distribution network, high demand areas, the capacity of the pipelines and storage tanks, the possible location of the Under Ground Reservoirs (UGR) & Over Head Tanks (OHT) and other key areas of intervention were identified.

GIZ team thanked all the participants for attending the meeting and sharing their experiences.

held with officials from Jal Nigam