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First sensitization workshop for preparation of BAT Reference Document for Textile Sector in India

05 April, IHC, New Delhi

For facilitating pollution control in various industries, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has developed Comprehensive Industry Documents (COINDS) for several key industry sectors detailing the manufacturing processes employed, effluents/emission generated, pollution control technologies available, environmental standards adhered to, etc. to facilitate environmental compliance in industries. CPCB is keen to revise the existing COINDS documents following the process applied in the development of the European BREF documents with taking technical and advisory support from GIZ and UBA (German Federal Environment Agency).

The first sensitization workshop on BAT Reference Document for Textile Sector in India was organised by GIZ jointly with CPCB together on 5th April 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The aim of the workshop was to bring together key stakeholders and discuss the proposed approach, methodology for the development of BREF document for textiles sector, including roles of CPCB, SPCBs and other stakeholders for preparing of BREF document.

Mr. S.P. Singh Parihar (Chairman, CPCB) welcomed the participants and expressed the importance of a monitoring mechanism to ensure compliance by industries. Mr. Vivek Plawat (Director, National Textile Corporation Ltd.) also appreciated the efforts being made in this direction. Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala (Project Director, GIZ) gave the overview of the workshop.

A presentation on “Legal Framework for Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document” was made by Ms. Brigitte Zietlow & Ms. Almut Reichart (Federal Environment Agency, Germany). Dr. Harald Schoenberger (International Expert on Integrated Industrial Pollution, Germany) presented the BREF Process and role of Author, CPCB, SPCB and Technical Working Group in preparation of the BREF document. Mr. Chirag Bhimani (Dy. Environmental Engineer, Gujarat Pollution Control Board) presented the approach and methodology adopted by GPCB for developing BREF for Textile Sector in Gujarat. Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala expressed thanks to all the participants for attending the workshop.

All participants agreed that measures should be taken for implementing best techniques incorporated in the BREF to help entrepreneurs to achieve environmental compliance standards. They agreed to contribute in preparing the BREF document by providing their technical inputs and suggestions. Participants appreciated GIZ for their efforts.  

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