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2nd TERI workshop RECP Replication with stakeholders - Wazirpur

  Second workshop on RECP Replication by TERI at Wazirpur Industrial Area

A half day workshop on Environment improvement in Industries through Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP), was conducted by GIZ as a part of SEIP project on 20th September 2018. The second workshop was organised at  Wazirpur industrial area. Almost thirty people including representatives from Wazirpur industrial area CETP Society, individual Industries, DSIIDC, TERI (represented by TERI and Stenum Asia) along with GIZ participated in the event.

The workshop started with opening remarks from GIZ followed by DSIIDC introducing the SEIP project and the successes achieved during past years and then followed by sessions on energy saving strategies and utility tools to practically assess potentials for energy savings and water savings strategies by TERI consortium.

Post the presentations, a Q&A round was held where TERI answered the questions posed by industrialists regarding resource efficiency. TERI asked industries to voluntarily join the initiative and provide their inputs as to where these measures could be implemented. TERI provided them with 11 energy efficiency measures options with low or no cost which were tried and tested under SEIP project to implement within their industries. Free consultation services regarding the implementation of measures will be provided to the volunteering industries under SEIP project.

Wazirpur Industrial Area CETP Society appreciated the initiatives taken up by TERI and they also encouraged industries to implement the measures suggested under RECP as a part of SEIP project. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks from GIZ and TERI.

Stenum Asia demonstrating  RECP Approach

TERI demonstrating  success stories