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Three-day Training on Site Master Planning of Sustainable Industrial Parks

14 - 16 November, 2018, Regency-I Hall, LaLiT Hotel, New Delhi

A three-day training session on site-master planning and retrofit planning of industrial areas in India was held from 14 – 16 November 2018 in the Lalit Hotel, Delhi This training was planned for the technical professionals, managers, policymakers, and academicians responsible for following roles:

  • Site selection for industrial parks/estates
  • Site master planning of industrial parks/estates
  • Development of industrial parks/infrastructure
  • Management of industrial estates

A well-planned and organised industrial area, defined by a set of quality parameters such as economic quality, environmental quality, and social quality, could be an answer to sustainability. Such an area could support the sustainability of individual industries housed in them with high-performance workplaces so as to enable industries to strive for efficiencies and profitability, reduced environmental litigation risks and improved market image as well as public image. Through this training, the SEIP Project intended to inculcate the thought process amongst the participants to look at sustainability measures while planning industrial areas in India and striving to achieve them. The training was conducted by Dr. Anke Jurleit, Urban Planner from Drees and Sommer, a consulting organisation from Stuttgart, Germany.

On the last day of the training GIZ’s consultant Greeninfra Creations presented the conceptual master plan for a new industrial park to be set up by ALEAP in Vishakhapatnam and discussed the process of planning the same. There was an interactive session on Environmental policies in India by Ex. MoEFCC personnel Dr G.V. Subrahmanyam related to industrial development in India. The training ended with an open Q and A session amongst the participants and the trainer. 

Presentation by Dr Subrahmanyam

Discussions with the trainer 

Exercise 1: Participants prioritising criteria’s for industrial park planning

Exercise 2: Site master planning Jury

Exercise 3: Site master planning Jury 

Q&A session

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