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Meeting with PHDCCI for Hosting the Online Platform “Self-Assessment for Industries”

25th March 2021, MS Teams Meeting

Under the Sustainable Environment-friendly Industrial Production Project (SEIP II), the Self-Assessment tool for Industries was developed in 2019-2020 to facilitate industries on assessing themselves on environmental factors to comply with environmental requirements published by environment protection agencies. This tool facilitates assessment and guidance to industries for complying with the environmental requirements without getting in touch with regulators. With the help of this tool, industries can get an idea about their current situation and compliance needs and accordingly taking the next steps to smoothly complying as per Indian legal compliance requirements. 

A meeting was organised on 25th March 2021 between GIZ and PHDCCI for a discussion on the Self-Assessment Tool for Industries. During the discussion, GIZ gave an overview and live demo on the tool to PHDCCI officials and explained the benefits of this tool for industries. PHDCCI clarified all the questions related to its utility, hosting and operational aspects.

PHDCCI confirmed that the “Self-Assessment for Industries” tool would be beneficial for its member industries and hence, PHDCCI would bw willing to take over this tool and host it for its member industries for their benefits. PHDCCI’s requested GIZ to send a formal letter and initiate the formalities for the transfer of the tool.