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2nd Workshop on the CETP Compendium Business Models

8th April 2021, MS Teams Meeting

An online workshop was conducted on the activity “Development of the CETP Compendium for India” under the project, Sustainable Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP II). The purpose of the workshop was to consult with stakeholders on the existing business models for CETPs in India and internationally. A draft report and presentation on the business models were shared with all the invitees before the workshop. More than fifty key stakeholders participated in the workshop from the public sector, private sector, development sector, academia, research and development, financial institutions, and subject matter experts. The meeting was organised and jointly facilitated by GIZ and CPCB. On behalf of CPCB, Mr Ajay Aggarwal welcomed the attendees and actively participated in the discussion with stakeholders. Gopa Infra, on behalf of GIZ, gave a detailed presentation which was then followed by a discussion with stakeholders. Inputs from all the stakeholders were collectively gathered, discussed, and concluded for the benefits of the public and pollution-free environment.

The important aspects like the role of different actors (e.g. ministry, regulators, state industrial development corporations, industrial area developers, service providers, CETP operator, member industries), different business models and their pros and cons, examples of successful and unsuccessful cases etc were discussed during the workshop. In the end, it was decided that Gopa Infra will incorporate all the changes in the draft report on the CETP Compendium and would share them with the participants for review. The workshop was then closed with a thank you address from the CPCB and GIZ officials.