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Launch of Training of Trainers programme for skills development in industrial wastewater treatment

21 June 2016, New Delhi

The Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH have launched a three-day Training of Trainers programme on 21 June 2016 for the trainers from the selected training institutions that can undertake skilling of technicians and operators of industrial wastewater treatment plants.

SCGJ, which is one of the most recently launched initiatives of the Government of India aligned to the National Skill Development Mission, and GIZ have joined hands to introduce a system of skills development for the people involved in the industrial wastewater treatment plants in accordance with the newly set up national skilling system in India.

India has over 170 combined wastewater treatment plants (CETPs) and thousands of effluent treatments plants (ETPs) in individual industries for treating industrial wastewater. The operators of these treatment plants play an important role in ensuring their proper operation not only to treat the wastewaters to the required pollution limits, but also to reduce treatment costs. As of today, many of these CETPs/ ETPs are operated by a mix of skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled staff and there is a clear need for strengthening skills in this sector.

GIZ, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, is an enterprise owned by the German Government, which is implementing a project on “Sustainable and Environment-friendly Industrial Production” (SEIP) under the Indo German Development Cooperation. The project has a focus on industrial wastewater management and has one of its activities to support skills development for the involved manpower operating and managing the infrastructure. The efforts by SCGJ and GIZ are targeted to provide supplementary skill development to the basic qualifications and to support up-skilling and/or re-skilling of manpower.

As a first step, SCGJ brought Qualification Packs for undertaking skills development for technicians and helpers involved in industrial wastewater treatment plants and affiliated a few competent institutions in accordance with the standard affiliation protocols. To prepare the trainers from the affiliated institutions, SCGJ and GIZ have initiated this 3-day Training of Trainers (ToT) programme at SCGJ in New Delhi. The ToT has focus on providing essential understanding on the process of training, training methods/tools, didactics, soft skills, examination system etc. and orientation to the training curricula. The training is being imparted by a senior expert from the well-known DWA, Germany (German Association of Water, Wastewater and Waste). The successful participants, after passing an examination on the 3rd day of the training, would be given certificates during the closing event of the training programme on June 23, 2016.

Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala, the Project Director from GIZ informed that the SEIP Project is targeting skilling of over 300 technicians and helpers covering project sites in Vapi, Delhi and Haridwar and that the Project would monitor how the skills developed are helping not only in improved operation of the wastewater treatment plants, but also in reducing the pollution situation. He said, “We are keen on creating a success story so as to bring up policy level discussions to give impetus to skill development in this sector in the country.” 

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Contact Person – SCGJ

Dr. Praveen Saxena, Chief Executive Officer


Contact Person - GIZ

Mr. Raghu Babu Nukala, Project Director

Sustainable & Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP)