Mr. Ramnibas Goel, Honourable Member of the Delhi Legislative Assembly

"Each one of us should plant at least one tree so that we can provide cleaner environment to our future generation.”

Part of speech during the environment drive inauguration event in Patparganj Industrial Area. (Source DNA India)


Mr. Sanjay Gaur, President, PFEA

“We are thankful to DSIIDC and GIZ for their cooperation and motivating us to take up the Environment Improvement Drive. We will have more such drives in future and many more activities in the pipeline, and step by step, we are confident to make Patparganj Industrial Area into a role model for other industrial areas in Delhi to follow!”


Mr. S.K. Maheshwari, General Secretary, PFEA on the redevelopment of park

“By protecting of restoring environment we are not doing any great service to society. It’s our moral duty to handover quality of air, water and land which we got from our parents and to our children if we really love and care for our children.”


Mr. Satish Restogi, Sage Metals Ltd, On redevelopment of park

“Greener environment is a need of the time. The park redevelopment not only reduces solid waste from the area but it also creates a healthy environment, a cleaner place which will inspire people. It is good for both the area and the society”.


Transporter in Patparganj Industrial Area

“Previously there was no park, only a dump yard was there. The whole industrial area used to dump garbage here. The dump yard breeds lots of mosquitoes and other insects. We had no place to rest during our work breaks. Now the park is a nice place and we can use it as a sitting area during the break”.


Guard in ADEL, An Industry in the neighbourhood of the park

“Previously this place was used as open toilet and it was a smelly area. Now it is nice to look at and a very good resting place for us”.