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Two Day Training Programme on “Continuous/Online Monitoring Systems for Industrial Wastewater” at Vapi (Gujarat) for experts from ETPs, CETPs, and Pollution Control Boards

30-31 March 2017, Vapi (Gujarat)

Dr. Olaf Kujawski, a Senior German Expert from aqua consult under the Sustainable and Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP) Project, visited Delhi and Vapi (Gujarat) with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) officials to observe and examine the existing installation of online monitoring systems for industrial wastewater in Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) and Industries.

Based on the information from field visits and inspection of installations in ETPs, CETPs, the expert conducted a 2-day training programme on 30th – 31st March 2017 at the VIA Conference Room for 45 managers/supervisors from ETPs of industries and CETPs, and officers of CPCB and State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). The training covered theoretical and practical aspects of online monitoring systems and provided inputs on:

  • Understanding the up gradation of existing online monitoring systems, or insulations of new systems
  • Understanding the operation and management aspects of online monitoring systems, including troubleshooting

The first day of the training programme was conducted at the VIA Conference Hall in Vapi, GIDC. The session started with the programme overview and introduction of participants. The participants were keen to know the highlights of the German expert’s meeting with CPCB officials on 27th March 2017. It was then followed by an awareness session on Continuous/Online Monitoring Systems for industrial wastewater, wherein key questions of participants and expectations from training were collected. The expert gave a presentation on experiences from Germany including guidelines, directives, equipment, systems etc. After this, the Technical Session on “How to Install/Upgrade Online Monitoring Systems” was carried out, and detailed discussions took place between the expert and participants on topics related to parameters, analysers, data transfer, and compliance check. The next Technical Session on “Operations and Management of Online Monitoring Systems” discussed the operation & maintenance, calibration of analysers, regular equipment checks and troubleshooting related to continuous/online monitoring systems during the session. The last session of the first day was organised with a group activity, and aim of this exercise was to ponder upon the topics awhile and came up with essential suggestions/ideas based on the information shared by the expert and of their own experience in industries or CETPs on continuous/online monitoring systems for industrial wastewater in India. The following three topics were selected for group activities and presentations:

Group 1 – Installation / up gradation

Group 2 – Operations & Maintenance

Group 3 – Guidelines / Directives

The second day of the training involved a field trip to a Vapi CETP. This session was organised with an aim to demonstrate appropriate installation methods, instrument assembly, functioning and information related to data transfer and compliance especially on continuous/online monitoring systems in a practical way. 

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