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GIDC officials received training for retrofitting of Industrial parks in Gujarat

19th April – 22th April 2017, Auroville, Tamil Nadu

A three-day training programme on “Planning of Sustainable Industrial Areas” was organized from 19th to 26th April 2017 by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH together with Auroville Consulting for the officers of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). Trainers from GIZ, Auroville Consulting and WRI interacted with the participants in an experimental setup to ensure maximum knowledge gain.

The training programme was designed to induce strategic thinking into the participants for planning of new industrial parks and retrofitting of old industrial parks incorporating “green” and sustainability aspects. The key objectives of the training programme were:

  • Site master planning of new industrial areas - revision of master plan for the upcoming industrial park at Sanand in Gujarat.
  • Preparation of retrofitting site master plans for the identified 5 existing industrial parks in Gujarat.
  • Development standards/guidelines for planning of new industrial areas and retrofitting of existing ones.
  • Technological aspects and designing concepts of infrastructure such as storm water drainage, waste recycling, green buildings, renewable energy systems, greenery/landscaping, art form/urban design etc.

The programme had a rich mix of theory and practice. The programme was designed to support the participants with improved knowledge on: site selection for industrial estates; site master planning of industrial estates integrating international standards; improved planning and designing of basic infrastructure in industrial estates; and retrofitting strategies for existing industrial estates (including waste and wastewater management). The practical sessions/group work included:

  • Group work on understanding benchmarks for achieving quality and identifying gaps in master plan of Vapi and Sanand
  • Group work on identifying provisions to be made in Vapi and Sanand for retrofitting and re-planning
  • Action planning towards preparation of retrofitting master plan and revised master plan of Sanand

The workshop concluded with an interactive plenary session in which the participants discussed in details about the existing planning process and way forward to develop retrofitting master plan for Vapi and revised plan for Sanand women industrial park. 

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Presentation by GIDC Vapi
Presentation by GIDC Sanand
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Presentation by Auroville Earth Institute
Presentation by Auroville Center for Scientific Research (CSR)
Toine van Megen, Auroville Consulting
Sumedha Malaviya, WRI INDIA
Deepak Sriram Krishnan, WRI India
Pawan Mulukutla, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

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