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Environment Clinic in IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar

14 July 2017, Haridwar

Under the ETP improvement and upgradation activity of SEIP Project, an Environment Clinic was held on 14th July 2017, in IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar. The Environment Clinic focused on having one-on-one discussions with industry representatives of IIE SIIDCUL especially SMEs to address their specific problems/ issues. Discussions centered mainly on:

  • handling of different types of waste water, to understand the potential of its reuse/ recycle,
  • knowing and improving upon various treatment processes currently practiced /issues faced,
  • environmental waste water sampling and analysis processesissues with respect to sludge / solid waste generated,
  • techniques to optimize waste water generation and reduce treatment costs.

About 13 representatives from following seven industries /sector participated in this initiative:

  1. Metro Hospital
  2. ITC Pvt Ltd
  3. CavinKare Pvt Ltd
  4. Vansal Nrayan Engg Work Pvt Ltd
  5. Akashyog Health Products Pvt Ltd
  6. Hyphen Hote
  7. lGodrej Industries Pvt Ltd

The industry representatives discussed their concerns with a panel of international and national experts from Gopa Infra, Mr. Martin Boehnke, Mr Trushit Desai and Mr. John Thomas. The deliberations included technical, techno legal as well as financial incentives/ tax breaks associated with ETP Upgradation related activities. Experts advised the industries on various means to bring down the operational costs of their ETP/ STP and improve overall efficiency; as well as to educate them on proper sampling techniques.