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Meeting of the Minds...Second Project Review Meeting of SEIP project

26 July 2017, New Delhi

On Wedensday, 26th July afternoon, DSIIDC convened a Project Review Meeting in the the Conference Hall of DSIIDC Office in Connaught Place Office to talk about the interactions between all stakeholders of the project. What are the latest developments in the project progress? What can each group do to improve the present situation? How can each best support the work of the other?

Chaired by MD, DSIIDC, the meeting was attended by participants from all three project sites in Delhi i.e. Patparganj Industrial Area, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Mayapuri Industrial Area. Members from DPCC as well as the SEIP Delhi team and Sonal Jain (GIZ Consultant) were present in the meeting.

The status of different activities of SEIP in three sites in Delhi was discussed at length during the meeting. Also discussed were the bottle-necks faced by GIZ Delhi team and consultants.

Issues discussed  :

  • Pending co-operation agreement with Mayapuri CETP Society and Lawrence Road CETP Society.
  • Less support from industries with ETP for sampling in Mayapuri Industrial Area and Lawrence Road Industrial Area.
  • Lack of co-operation from industries faced by Adelphi during Rapid assessment in industrial areas.
  • Monitoring of baseline pollution at suggested points by DSIIDC/DPCC.
  • Feedback on Management structures suggested by GIZ.

Introduction of Digital information system prepared by GIZ for three industrial sites in SEIP in Delhi.

MD, DSIIDC discussed the matter with the representatives from all three sites and DPCC and instructed the stakeholders to provide support & suggestions on measures as may be necessary to GIZ to achieve the identified objectives and results within scheduled timeline.  

During the meeting, GIZ handed over the product “INDUSTRIAL PARK DIGITAL INFORMATION SYSTEM for industrial parks in Delhi” which was created and tested on pilot basis for three industrial sites of Delhi to MD, DSIIDC.  DSIIDC committed to adopt the system and nominate technologically competant staff  to be further trained by GIZ to successfully use the system.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from DSIIDC, Industrial Associations and CETP Society that they will provide full support to GIZ to overcome the hurdles faced on site.