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Multistakeholder Consultative Meeting on CETP – ZLD

12 January 2108, SIIDCUL Dehradun

Mr. Hemant Verma, GIZ-SEIP welcomed the participants to the Multistakeholder Consultative Meeting and explained briefly the concept of CETP followed by the purpose of the meeting. On behalf of GOPA INFRA, Mr. John Thomas, made a detailed presentation on Upgrading CETP, Haridwar to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) mode. Mr. John emphasised on the need for Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) at IIE Haridwar CETP explaining how industries can strive to achieve the same in keeping with the CPCB guidelines. He also highlighted the possible ways of implementing ZLD with options of using of reclaimed water, financial mechanism, sharing of accountability among various stakeholders for implementing ZLD at SIIDCUL Haridwar and various other factors related to ZLD. Mr. John further elaborated on 3 possible grades (Grade-I, II, & III) of water quality available for ZLD for reuse in industries. 

After detailed discussions, a consensus was arrived at among all stakeholders that Grade-I quality of reclaimed water may be taken in the first phase for 25-30 industry on a pilot basis (ready to take the treated water for reuse in industries). After the implementation of the first phase, other industries will be brought in for reuse of treated water in the second phase. Also, GOPA Infra will parallelly work on a techno-commercial evaluation of producing Grade II (post UF) treated water for reuse for future.