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Adelphi workshop on RECP for Delhi Industrial Areas

8 and 9 February 2018, Industrial Areas Delhi

A workshop on Environment improvement in Industries through Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP), was conducted on 8 & 9 February 2018 by GIZ as a part of SEIP project at Indian Institute of Packaging, Patparganj for industries in Patparganj and Mayapuri industrial area CETP Society. More than sixty people including representatives from PFEA, Mayapuri industrial area CETP Society, industrialists, Adelphi (represented by TERI and Stenum Asia) along with GIZ participated in the event.

The meeting started with opening remarks from GIZ and then followed by sessions on energy saving strategies and water saving strategies by Adelphi consortium. Adelphi also introduced eco-mapping, which is a creative tool that helps small companies to implement environmental management, ISO 14001 and EMAS. This visual and practical tool helps SME managers and employees to analyse and manage the environmental performance of small companies and craft industries. Adelphi also conducted a classroom exercise in which they asked the industries to do the eco-mapping for their industry. Then it was discussed with the experts from Adelphi. After the exercise Adelphi team shared their success stories from the detail assessments done in selected industries. The selected industries also shared the benefits received from RECP measures with low/no investment under SEIP project.  

DSIIDC and PFEA appreciated the work done by Adelphi under SEIP project and encouraged industries to implement the measures suggested under RECP as a part of SEIP project. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from GIZ.