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1st Replication Workshop- Jamnagar, Gujarat

30th May 2018, Jamnagar Factory Owners Association, GIDC, Jamnagar

As part of the replication of success stories from EII project in Gujarat, the 1st replication workshop was held in Jamnagar. This was done in cooperation with UNIDO as part of the GEF-UNIDO-BEE programme on improving energy efficiency in various industrial clusters. One of the clusters is the Jamnagar brass cluster and the workshop was targeted at capacity building of local service providers. Dr. Malini Balakrishnan and Mr. Mihir Sharma participated in the workshop and presented the success stories from SEIP-EII project relevant to this cluster.

The purpose of participating in this workshop was:

To share success stories of EII project using examples of specific implementations and the savings obtained.To make the Jamnagar brass cluster (who are familiar with energy efficiency) aware of resource efficiency and cleaner production concepts and techniques. To encourage replication of SEIP-EII success stories in the Jamnagar brass cluster. The participants actively participated in the workshop and few of them also shared their interest and potential areas of improvement in their production units. The workshop was interactive in nature.

The industries were receptive to extending the concept of energy efficiency to cover other resources (especially materials) and were open to replicating best practices from other locations.

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