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Replication Workshop - Rajkot, Gujarat

26 July 2017, Rajkot

As part of the replication of success stories from EII project in Gujarat, the 5th replication workshop was conducted by Dr. Malini Balakrishnan and Mr. Mihir Sharma in Rajkot.

The purpose of this WS was:

  • To share success stories of EII project using examples of specific implementations and the savings obtained
  • To make the Rajkot Electroplaters and Metal Finishers Association in Rajkot aware of resource efficiency and cleaner production concepts and techniques
  • To encourage replication of SEIP-EII success stories among electroplating and metal finishing industries in Rajkot.

The participating industries were familiarised with SEIP-EII project RECP concept, success stories that were relevant for Rajkot metal finishing industries and tools and techniques for RECP implementation. The industries were very receptive to recover resources and were open to replicating best practices from other locations. In the end, the industries were shown a list of possible RECP measures that they could implement (based on the potential areas of improvement in their respective industry) and their willingness to implement them. The industry representatives indicated the potential for improvement through pasting sticky notes on the chart mentioning various areas of improvement. 

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