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Replication Workshop – Naraina, New Delhi

06 July 2018, CETP, Naraina, New Delhi

As part of the replication phase of the SEIP-EII project, a replication workshop was conducted in Naraina, New Delhi on 6th July 2018 by experts from GIZ (Mr. Sripati Cowlagi, Ms. Riti Samanta) and TERI (Mr Prahlad Kumar Tewari, Mr Devesh Kumar).

The purpose of this WS was:

  • To share success stories of EII project using examples of specific implementations and the savings obtained
  • To make the industry in Naraina industrial area aware of resource efficiency and cleaner production concepts and techniques
  • To encourage replication of SEIP-EII success stories among participating industries in Naraina industrial area.

During the 1-hour session, 8 industry representative from the Naraina industrial area had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with SEIP-EII project, RECP concept, RECP success stories as well as available tools and techniques for RECP implementation. The industry representatives were open to the aspect of recovering resources and the idea of replicating best practices as implemented in other locations. The participants were also encouraged to write additional options indicating further areas of interventions which were not listed. 

8th EII replication DELHI Naraina 8July2018.pdf