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Environment Improvement Drive in Patparganj Industrial Estate, Delhi

On the occassion of the World Environment Day 2019 (June 05, 2019), representatives from the Delhi State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC), Patparganj FIE Entrepreneurs Association (PFEA) and industries flagged-off a month-long Environment Improvement Drive in the Patparganj Industrial Estate in Delhi. The Environment Improvement Drive was conceptualised by GIZ under the Sustainable and Environment-friendly Industrial Production II project of the Indo German Development Cooperation. The Patparganj Industrial Estate was planned, laid and commissioned by the Delhi Development
Authority (DDA) in the year 2000, and handed over to the Department of Industries. It is situated in East Delhi District of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India. The industrial estate is spread over an area of 52.61 Ha (130 Acres) encompassing 600 medium and small-scale industries (MSME).

The month-long environmental improvement drive was taken up with several objectives.

  • Spread awareness amongst industrialists on the need for protecting environment.
  • Promote collective and voluntary action by industries for addressing environmental issues.
  • Clean-up the identified area for preventing air and water pollution from the waste dumps and loose soil.
  • Undertake plantation to help in cleaning air and improving micro-climate.

The activities taken up included preparatory activities, flagging-off ceremony for the one-month environment drive, followed by signing of pledge for environment protection, sramadaan for clean-up and tree plantation.

                      Before plantation

                    After plantation

                      Shramdaaan by participants

                Plantation in progress


The month-long environmental improvement drive provided once again the impact of Collective
Action/Voluntary Action towards addressing environmental issues. The drive was useful in
spreading awareness amongst industrialists on the need for protecting environment.

  • PFEA announced that their storm water drainage and sewage network will be cleaned during the month-long environment drive period.
  • Voluntary and participatory actions taken by PFEA to make their industrial area clean and green can set an example and be a role model for other industrial parks and management.
  • PFEA has started watering and maintaining the plants. More tress will be planted in the coming weeks/months.
  • Provision for rainwater harvesting within this plantation area has been made.

There is a very high potential for promoting Collective Action/Voluntary Action in the cities and industrial estates across the country for addressing environmental issues.

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