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Meeting of Baseline Consultants SEIP II

Wednesday, 25th Sept 2019, New Delhi

Under SEIP-II, a meeting of all baseline consultants involved in the Gap Analysis Assessments, namely,

Output 1- Strengthening of legal framework – Ernst & Young

Output 2- Strengthening of Organisational structures and processes – Deloitte

Output 3- Incentive mechanisms to reduce industrial pollution - CRISIL

Output 4- Knowledge products - National Productivity Council

was held which enabled each consultant group to present their current status of work.


The meeting had the following objectives:

- Share information about status and focus topics of all baseline consultants/ outputs on national level and Uttarakhand & Bihar

- Learn from findings of other baseline consultants

- Common knowledge base to be prepared for meetings with CPCB and SIIDCUL/UEPPCB

- Identification of possible synergies

Each consultant presented in detail an analysis of their work at national level and state level including a detailed out overview of potential areas of intervention and case studies. Since all basleine assessments are still at a very stage, more in depth work needs to be undertaken to finalise the inputs and processess.

The presentations made by consultants are appended below: