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Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on „Gap Analysis on Industrial Wastewater Management“,

1st November 2019

As a part of the Indo German Development Cooperation, the second phase of the project on “Sustainable and Environment-friendly Industrial Production, Phase-II” (SEIP-II) is being implemented from March 2019 until February 2022 and has focus on framework aspects related to abatement of industrial wastewater pollution. The main outputs of the project are:

a) Strengthening of Legal Framework;

b) Strengthening of Organisational Procedures and Processes;

c) Strengthening of Incentive Mechanisms; and

d) Strengthening of Knowledge Products.

As part of the project, Gap Analysis Assessments (Baseline studies) to assess the current situation for each of the above-mentioned the output are being carried out namely by:

Output 1- Strengthening of legal framework – Ernst & Young

Output 2- Strengthening of Organisational structures and processes Deloitte

Output 3- Incentive mechanisms to reduce industrial pollution - CRISIL

Output 4- Knowledge products - National Productivity Council

The Baseline consultants assessed the current status of organisational aspects for combatting industrial water pollution, identified the areas expressed by stakeholders for improvements. To identify problem areas for developing solutions on industrial waste water management under SEIP-II project, we propose a workshop with various stakeholders viz. CPCB, MoEFCC, Industrial Associations, Academia in New Delhi on 1st November 2019 (10:00 – 14:00 hrs).

The objective of the workshop was:

- to present the findings of the Gap Analysis Assessments;

- to facilitate interactions and exchange of information amongst the project partners and key stakeholders;

- to identify problem areas/gaps for developing solutions.

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