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Training Program for the Public Sector on Recycle, Reuse and ZLD

20th November 2020, MS Teams Meeting

Under the Indo-German Technical Cooperation Programme, one-day online training was organised jointly by GIZ, Adelphi Consult and CPCB on the topic of Reuse, Recycle and ZLD of Industrial Wastewater in India. The purpose of the training was to give an orientation and training to the government officials from environmental regulatory bodies on the international examples, required legal framework, and comprehensive guidelines for industries for easy implementation. The training was based on the information and documents/frameworks developed by Adelphi Consult in 2019-2020 after having 3 wide consultations with key stakeholders from governments, private sector, development sector, industrial associations and chambers, state industrial infrastructure development organisations, industries, industrial park service providers, individual experts and ex. Government officials from environment protection agencies. The training included the aspects of common understanding, smooth enforcement/regulatory approaches and developing guidelines for easy implementation of Reuse, Recycle and ZLD by industries.

At the end of the training, the feedback was collected from the participants on the presentations and tools used. It was decided that Adelphi would incorporate the suggestions and feedbacks in the reports and share with all the participants for further review.