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Emission Trading Scheme in Surat

18 December 2020

A webinar was conducted on ‘Emission Trading Scheme in Surat’, under the ongoing Indo German Development Cooperation, project “Reduction of Air Pollution in Three Indian Cities” by GIZ on 18th of December 2020. The objective of the webinar was to exchange information and experiences on how the Emission Trading Scheme is supporting in decreasing the emission levels in Gujarat.  

Emission Trading Scheme was implemented for Surat on a pilot basis in 2013. It is one of the primary regulatory tools to trade the emissions mainly particulate matter, for compliance of the industries and reducing the industrial air pollution. A brief introduction was given by Mr. Chirag Bhimani, Senior Technical Advisory, GIZ India. Followed by a presentation on Emission Trading Scheme by Mr.  T C Patel, Deputy Environmental Engineer, Gujarat Pollution Control Board. Insights were given on the importance of Emission Trading Scheme for the industrial area of the Surat, working of ETS, the accomplishments of ETS in Surat, and the path forward to implement it in other cities. Participants further asked questions on ETS which included regulatory challenges and difficulties faced by ETS, improvements in the air quality by the implementation of ETS, Technology selection for ETS, etc.   

In addition, Mr.  Jitendra P. Vakaharia, President of South Gujarat Textile Processors Association (SGTPA), shared experience on the benefits that industries receive by the implementation of ETS.   

The participants involved in the webinar were from various organizations like Central Pollution Control Board, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Industrial Associations from Surat, Pune, Nagpur & Ahmedabad, International organisations, NGOs, etc.    


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