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Launch Event - TRAIN FOR CLEAN AIR (T4CA) - Training manuals and Pilot Trainings

07 September 2021

On the occasion of the 2nd International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, GIZ in collaboration with Clean Air Asia (CAA) and Bloomberg Philanthropies successfully launched the Train4CleanAir (T4CA) manuals

Air Quality Management (AQM) is a tool for governmental authorities and key stakeholders to set goals, undertake measures toimprove and maintain good air quality. AQM is an integrated approach that takes into consideration local circumstances of sources of air pollution, background air pollutant concentrations, technological feasibility; cultural and social conditions; and available financial and human resources. 

It is imperative that knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the stakeholders are enhanced and strengthened through capacity building programs and approaches that address knowledge gaps as well as foster cooperation among them. Train for Clean Air (T4CA) is a regional training approach to meet the above capacity building needs that aims to assist cities to create and implement Clean Air Plans (CAPs) and make informed policies and decisions. 

The launch was followed by a panel discussion on Capacity Building for Air Quality Management in Indian Cities. Based on the T4CA manuals, five training programmes for cities in India will also be conducted over September- October 2021. 

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