Mr. Harindra Garg, Chairperson, SIIDCUL Manufacturers Association of Uttarakhand (SMAU)

I would like to thank GIZ and their international training team for conducting a skill development training programme for technicians and supporting staff of ETPs. The training programme was truly based on the needs of technicians and supporting staff of ETPs/CETPs. It had been noted that the participants gained useful information provided in a tailor made programme in order to effectively adopt in their ETPs.  

 Earlier we observed that the lack of adequate skills among technicians and supporting staff adversely impacted ETP processes and operations. This skill development training session had not only given them an opportunity to absorb new technologies but also to provide solutions for betterment.

 I would definitely recommend other industrial enterprises to make maximum utilisation of such training programmes to train technicians and supporting staff so as to get ready for future stricter environmental compliance. 


Mr. Sudhir Manohar Tiwari, Deputy Manager, HR & Administration, Meenakshi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. 

I have seen a remarkable change in the way my team deals with ETP processes and operations now and appreciate the knowledge they have gained after the training programme at Vapi. I would like to thank GIZ for conducting this valuable skill development training programme for helpers and technicians of ETPs and recommend many more like this to be conducted in Haridwar.


Mr. Durgesh Pratap Singh, Supervisor, Effluent Treatment Plant, Meenakshi Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

I found this training brilliant! The practical exercises were useful in offering 'hands on' experience and I feel more confident in handling industrial wastewater now. I would recommend this training to other helpers/technicians of ETP.


Mr. Omprakash Singh – Maintenance Supervisor   - ETP/ STP

I enjoyed the training programme and I am glad I attended it. There have been significant changes in the expenditures incurred on ETP operation after application of various solutions/techniques learnt during the training programme.