Mr Parthiv Mehta, Hon. Secretary, VIA

“It was very unique, involving a mass crowd of 6,000 people. People observed what VIA can do within one month. It was a wonderful event and I feel such programmes must continue as people can learn a lot from this”.


Mr Kirit Shastri, Manager (Liaison), Aarti Industries Limited

“It was a fantastic experience. The event made us realize our potential and helped in developing our own factory surroundings. We have constructed a garden in our premises and handed it over for public use and it’s a Landmark now!”


Mr Jatin Monani, Co- Founder, Seva Bhavi

“I guess they (VIA) have scored 10 out of 10 in organizing this wonderful event. All the marketing and advertising was done through Facebook. We did not expect even 1,000 people and 6,000 people turned up! Now we are being contacted by people about the upcoming events almost every single day”.


Mrs Nivedita Srivastava, Principal, Shri L.G. Haria Multipurpose School, Vapi

“Environmental consciousness is definitely one of the biggest influences for students despite good education. I can assure you that 50% of our school children are conscious about the environment today”.