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Taking initiative for a cleaner industrial estate at IIE SIIDCUL HARIDWAR

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Under the “Environment-friendly and Sustainable Production (SEIP)” project of GIZ, a Facilitation Team focusing on the topic of Environment Drives and Outreach has been established with representatives from individual companies, industry associations, and SIIDCUL officials in order to address waste disposal and maintenance issues within the park’s boundaries. Facilitation Teams are groups of stakeholders concerned with a common issue that meet on a regular bases in order to discuss experiences, share best practices and decide on common action to be taken. In its initial meeting, the facilitation team decided to from now on meet frequently in order to discuss environmental concerns, waste disposal problems as well as infrastructure  and services related issues in SIIDCUL IIE Haridwar, and to decide on actions that would improve the current situation. Methods proposed and introduced to the group by SEIP were environmental and clean-up drives, plantation of greenery, and participatory awareness events, amongst others.

During the first meeting which took place in November 2016, GIZ-SEIP presented a brief assessment of the estate’s condition regarding maintenance and waste management which clearly pointed out the need for action. The assessment had been undertaken jointly by the SIIDCUL Manufacturer Association of Uttarakhand (SMAU), the SIIDCUL Entrepreneurs Welfare Association (SEWA), the Association of Pharma Manufacturers (APM), SIIDCUL and GIZ-SEIP. The presentation pointed to specific locations where improvements through cleanliness or plantation drives as well as the installation of a more long-term maintenance service could have a positive impact. The meeting resulted in the foundation of a What’s App Group comprised of all Facilitation team members in order to facilitate the identification of problem areas through photographs. It was further decided to conduct a bi-monthly physical survey to monitor the progress of the initiatives taken by the industries, SIIDCUL and the maintenance agency, Nirman Nigam.

The Facilitation Team, including SIIDCUL representatives, presented the degraded status of various sites during a SIIDCUL Maintenance Committee meeting to address the cleanliness issues with higher authorities such as the City Development Officer (CDO). In the meeting an action agenda of how to tackle the issues presented was agreed upon. 

Examples of areas in need of cleaning and maintenance identified through survey

As decided by the maintenance committee, Nirman Nigam cleaned the main road and subsequently also internal roads of the sectors selected according to the findings of the reconnaissance survey. These maintenance activities are covered through the monthly maintenance charges paid by companies to SIIDCUL.

The following activities are now undertaken on a weekly basis: 

  • mowing of grass and shrubs
  • disposal of waste (grass and mud) by tractors
  • removal of turf grass and shrubs
  • street sweeping
  • cleaning of drains
  • disposal of waste (grass/mud and solid waste) by tractors

Removal of grass and shrubs

Removal, collection and transport of grass and mud by tractors

Removal of turf grass and shrubs

Street sweeping as part of regular maintenance activities

Workers cleaning the drains of the industrial area

Disposal of waste by tractors and JCB

The actions initiated through the Facilitation Team have so far resulted in: 

  • 45 labourers and 3 supervisors are deployed on a weekly basis to execute the maintenance work in IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar
  • 3 tractors with trollies and 1 JCB (as and when required) deployed for waste collection, transportation and disposal.
  • On average, each tractor trolley takes 7 trips per day carrying about 16.2 tonnes of grass, mud and shrubs or about 6 tonnes of solid waste to the waste dumping ground.
  • Over the last three months, a total of roughly 30,618 tonnes of mud, grass and shrubs, as well as 11,340 tonnes of solid waste has been collected and disposed of in IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar
  • After collection the waste is being disposed at sites identified by SIIDCUL in Sector 5 IIE Haridwar

Besides the establishment of regular maintenance activities at the industrial estate, meetings of the Facilitation Team resulted in the adoption of two more parks by SMAU in sector 7 at IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar for their development and.


Mr. H R Nautival, Regional Manager, IIE SIIDCUL Haridwar

I acknowledge GIZ –SEIP initiative towards creating awareness on cleanliness in SIIDCUL IIE Haridwar, through their facilitation team on environment drive & outreach for a cleaner and greener industrial estate. Cleanliness drive in IIE Haridwar get initiated with the proactive efforts of members of the facilitation team