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Cleanliness Drive – Activity continues for a cleaner Vapi!

In April 2017, a second round of the Cleanliness Drive was witnessed by workers and neighbours of GIDC, Vapi. This time, the Drive involved more manpower and machinery with increased enthusiasm of partner GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) and the Notified Area Authority (NAA). The officers did a remarkable job during the Drive which was conducted in co-ordination with GIZ SEIP team.

This second Drive covered more phases and lead to the removal of different types of waste dumps. The Drive was initiated due to, and based on, the findings of a detailed survey on maintenance and waste issues present in the estate which conducted by GIZ in co-operation with GIDC and NAA officials. GIZ has further performed a baseline study at the beginning of March in order to quantify waste dumps and other problems related to cleanliness. After the finalisation of the baseline, the first Cleanliness Drive was initiated in cooperation of all three agencies.

The aim of the activity is to achieve visible aesthetic improvement to the industrial estate and to reduce pollution, especially by removing waste dumps, cleaning of the storm water drainage system, etc. Generally, plastic and other debris is dumped in the open chambers of the drainage system.

Accordingly, the storm water drainage was cleaned near Anupam Colour in Phase 4. 7 labours, 1 loader and 2 tractors were allocated to conduct the cleaning. The waste included solids which might stem from industries. In total, about 22 tonnes of waste was removed from the area.

GPCB further informed GIDC about waste dumps near their office. NAA officials took up cleaning activities there with the help of 3 tractors, 15 labourers and 2 loaders. Together, they removed 15 tonnes of plastic waste, 35 tonnes of soil and mud, as well as 10 tonnes of tree shrubs, grass, etc. near the GPCB office. Overall, a total of 60 tonnes of waste was removed near GPCB Office. 

Another part of the Drive took place near Hath Chemicals in 100 shed area of GIDC, Vapi. The waste removed there mainly consisted of tree shrubs, leaves, and soil. 1 loader, 2 tractors and 8 labours were used to clean this area. In total, about 30 tonnes of waste was collected from the area.

The 2nd Cleanliness Drive removed in total about 112 tonnes of waste in Phase 1 and Phase 4.

The Drive resulted in considerable improvement of the working environment for stakeholders active in GIDC, Vapi. The local public reacted positively to the cleaning activity.

Pic: Before and after Cleanliness near RO, GPCB, GIDC, Vapi