Voluntary action by industries leads to the development of a new green space in the Integrated Industrial Estate, Haridwar

Illegal waste dump transformed into a park through voluntary action of industries in IIE Haridwar

Summary of the success

Voluntary action by a committed group of industries in SIIDCUL (State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Ltd.) Integrated Industrial Estate at Haridwar has successfully led to the conversion of a garbage dumping site into a park. An area larger than one acre (4822.18 sq.m.) had, in the original master plan, been earmarked for a park. However, it was being used for dumping industrial and other waste. Over the course of last eight months, not only the initial idea of transforming the area into a park has developed, but it also led to its conception, planning, and finally implementation. The development of more green areas including a sports ground is planned for the coming year.

About the problem

The SIIDCUL’s Integrated Industrial Estate (IIE) Haridwar was established in 2003 and spans over 2,034 acres, houses over 550 industries, and is work place for more than 185,000 people. The site master plan of the industrial estate has several areas earmarked for parks. However, many of these parks are neither developed nor maintained. Worse, some of them have turned into dump yards due to the absence of a proper waste disposal and cleaning system in IIE Haridwar. Plot P1 in Sector 7 of IIE is one such example of neglect and visible pollution.

Initial condition of the plot in IIE Haridwar that was to be transformed into a park

Location of plot in IIE Haridwar that was developed into a park (Source: Google Map)

The beginning of action

To systematically improve the situation, IIE Haridwar was included as a project site under the “Environment-friendly and Sustainable Industrial Production (SEIP)” project of the German Development Cooperation. Jointly with SIIDCUL, a public agency of the Government of Uttarakhand owning the industrial estate, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been implementing the SEIP Project since 2016 in IIE Haridwar.

Following project inception in 2016, GIZ initiated discussions with SIIDCUL, industries and the industrial associations of IIE Haridwar on improving the industrial estate, and shared past experiences with voluntary action and participatory approaches. One of the important outcomes of the discussions was to initiate a similar voluntary action and participatory approach in IIE Haridwar.

Eventually, this decision turned out to be a very important and strategic one. A “Facilitation Team - Environment Drives and Outreach” was established in November 2016 comprising representatives of industries, industry associations, and SIIDCUL officials. Ever since its establishment, the Facilitation Team has been focusing on conducting awareness and outreach activities through voluntary participation of industries to clean up waste dumps and to plant trees in the industrial estate.

Facilitation Team meeting in progress on 29th of November 2016

Facilitation Team undertook survey of IIE Haridwar to identify areas for cleaning, plantation, and park development

Processes followed

One of the Facilitation Team’s members is the SIIDCUL Entrepreneurs Welfare Association (SEWA). SEWA supports micro and small industries in the industrial estate by helping them to grow and by voicing their concerns to the government. In the first meeting of the Facilitation Team held in November 2016, the representatives of SEWA volunteered to participate in a physical survey to identify areas of concern.

During this survey of the industrial area, a park located at plot P1 Sector 7 was chosen for improvement. This park, located in the midst of companies, was not recognizable as such but resembled a dumping ground for wastes with a potential to cause soil and water pollution.

Following the proposition of GIZ to develop this park, SEWA formally requested SIIDCUL to be assigned with them the responsibility for the development and maintenance of this park. The GIZ SEIP team proposed a landscape design concept for the park. This concept was jointly finalised with the Facilitation Team. After receiving the approval from SIIDCUL, SEWA contracted a private service provider, Nirman Nigam, for the cleaning and development of the park including:

  • Waste removal (construction debris, dry industrial waste, etc.)
  • Collection and disposal of waste by tractors (construction debris, dry industrial waste, etc.)
  • Removal of mud, turf grass and shrubs
  • Collection and disposal of waste by tractors (grass, shrubs, mud)
  • Construction of a bore well
  • Fencing of the park

The member industries of SEWA joined hands and contributed financially or through in-kind contributions, such as the provision of labour, or donation of equipment and saplings, to the development of the park. The overall cost is estimated to be 2,00,000 INR for the development and plantation of the park, as well as the conduction of three Clean-Up Drives in the Industrial Estate. The coordinated efforts amongst various stakeholders formed the bedrock for the successful implementation. Eventually, this successful action for park development by SEWA and its member industries contributed to momentum in other improvement activities initiated in the industrial estate IIE Haridwar, such as improvements in effluent treatment plants, impartments in production processes, as well as Clean-Up and Plantation Drives.

Stakeholder Roles

*funds were taken from SEWA fund to which each member contributes 3,000 INR annually

Landscape designs developed by GIZ for SEWA park development


Waste removal from the park

Park after waste removal

Fencing of the park

Park levelled according to GIZ landscape design

SEWA members, SIIDCUL officials and GIZ plant a tree in the park

Inauguration of the park on World Environment Day

SIIDCUL official signing I CARE, I PLEDGE Campaign

I CARE, I PLEDGE Campaign to raise awareness of environmental pollution levels in Ganga

Important timelines:

The Success! The benefits!!

The park was ceremoniously inaugurated on 5th June 2017, on the occasion of the World Environment Day. On this occasion, SEWA launched a Plantation Drive in the park: member industries of SEWA planted about 400 trees of various species, such as Neem, Jamun, Mango, Gudhal, Rudraksh, Kaner and Gulmohar. The main supporter of the drive was Rockman Industries who provided tree guards in order to ensure survival of the trees planted. But also SEWA members and companies such as Aman Sales India or Asian Wires & Cables Industries, their customers, as well as companies from outside of IIE Haridwar such as ALF Engineering joined the event and made voluntary contribution, e.g. by providing plants and saplings.

In total, about 200 tonnes of waste were removed from the park. This has environmental benefits. Firstly, the area earmarked for green space was converted to a park and is being maintained. This would also contribute to the reduction of pollution as otherwise the stormwater run-off in the rainy season was getting contaminated from illegally dumped wastes.

Besides direct environmental effects, the park is also source of new employment. SEWA hired a garbage collector and a gardener to keep the premises clean and to ensure the maintenance of the plants. Even though the gardener is not paid a salary by SEWA, he is allowed to use the park as a nursery to grow and sell plants to companies in and around the industrial estate.

Further, the park is also planned to have a sports area catering to the industry employees. The park is also planned to be used for meetings. In the recent times, the area under the shaded trees were used for meeting the visiting German Ambassador to India and another time for the visiting industry delegation from Taiwan and Singapore.

The maintenance of the Park will be ensured by a combined effort of SEWA members: whilst no actors actually contributes financially, required activities are listed down, and are taken up voluntarily by members on demand. If resources are required, members sit together and mutually decide who should take up roles and responsibilities. SEWA member company Mantosh Electronics contributed significantly to the maintenance of the park so far.

Future Outlook

The actions initiated by the Facilitation Team and implemented by SEWA spoke for themselves: environmental awareness and the urge to put in more action for the transformation of the industrial estate has been rooted within stakeholders. Mr. Himesh Kapoor, President of SEWA, has already announced a plan to develop a sports ground in park IIE in 2018. Other ongoing initiatives for a less-polluting IIE Haridwar such as improvements in production processes of   industries and in the operation of effluent treatment plants, will profit from the newly established sense of ownership. Further adding to momentum and publicity was the visit of the German Ambassador to the industrial area on 30th August 2017 as well as the visit of a delegation from Singapore and Taiwan on 3rd October 2017.

Since its establishment in October 2016, the Facilitation Team has brought remarkable visible change to IIE Haridwar. Besides the positive impacts accomplished through the waste removal and park development, voluntary action by the industries has also lead to regular cleaning of roads and drains, the set-up of garbage bins as well as the designation of an official landfill in the area.

Existing trees were included in the design concept and add to the beauty of the park

Showcasing SEWA Park to Delegation from representatives of Singaporean and Taiwanese Industry on 3rd October 2017

Dr. Martin Ney, German Ambassador and Dr. Gabriele Ney, his wife, visiting and planting a tree at SEWA park on 30th August 2017

A gardener was hired to ensure the maintenance of trees and plants


Mr. Himesh Kapoor, President of SEWA and Facilitation Team member

There is an urgent need to create awareness on increasing the green spaces around us to promote healthy living conditions and to reduce the pressure of changing the climate. SEWA adopted plot number P1 in Sector 7 to convert a garbage dumping site into a beautiful park. Also, I wish to express my appreciation for the efforts of GIZ SEIP team to promote the agenda of environmental drives in SIIDCUL Haridwar.

Mr. Amrik Singh Bhatti, owner of Bhatti Engineering Works

I feel proud when I see the park. At the time, when I designed its gate and display boards, I never imagined that we would be able to reach this level. Now, that it is clean and green, and also many other activities, like the plantation of trees have taken place, even social meetings are being held in the park. One could say, it brings us together and motivates us to do more. Earlier, I used to avoid the route via the park as it was dirty and stinky; however, now, I spend one hour every day in the park and think how we can further improve it.

Mr. Pawan Sharma, owner of Oliva India Industries

I was the one who was impacted the most by the park’s initial bad and ugly condition: people used to dump their trash and industrial wastes there. It smelt very bad and resembled more a landfill than a park. Since this park is located directly in front of my company’s plot, I always wanted to change the situation, but I felt helpless and did not know how to approach the problem. When SEWA took the decision to adopt the plot, I participated and contributed whatever I could in order to support SEWA’s initiative with my personal capacity. Every day I come to work, I feel a great relief seeing the space clean and green. I monitor the park to ensure that its development continues and that it does not return to its previous condition.



Mr. Himesh Kapoor, President of SEWA and Facilitation Team member

There is an urgent need to create awareness on increasing the green spaces around us to promote healthy living conditions and to reduce the pressure of changing the climate. SEWA adopted plot number P1 in Sector 7 ...

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