Planned activities

Under the SEIP-II project, activities are planned to support MoEFCC and CPCB at the national level and Uttarakhand, Bihar and West Bengal at the state level. 

The activities are covered under the following outputs:

Output 1: Strengthening of Legal Framework

Indicator 1.1

  • Analysis of the legal bases & rules and regulation at National level
  • Analysis of the legal bases & rules and regulation at State level (Uttarakhand or Bihar or West Bengal)

Indicator 1.2

  • Feasibility Study Effluent Charges
  • Legal framework for recycling/reuse/ZLDLegal framework for industry classification system
  • Legal framework for compliance (3rd party) certification & reporting
  • Legal framework for national water quality data system

Output 2: Strengthening of Organisational Procedures and Processes

Indicator 2.1

  • Gap and needs assessment of the governance framework of national and state level regulatory/enforcement institutions
  • Competency Framework of MoEFCC, CPCB, SPCBs, Induction Training System and Refresher Course for CPCB/SPCBs
  • Environment cell at BIADA, SIIDCUL, WBIDC
  • Communication systems (MS Teams) amongst SPCB officers (UK) + Video conferencing. (UK)

Indicator 2.2

  • National Environmental Law Portal
  • Drone Survey & Surveillance of Industrial Areas (Uttarakhand)
  • Online Skill Development Course for Wastewater Treatment Plant Technicians
  • Industrial Technology Platform

Indicator 2.3

  • Website updating of SPCBs + online collaborative working across Government Departments + Internal Coordination Platform (UK, Bihar, WB)
  • Industrial Parks Digital Information Systems (UK, Bihar, WB)

Output 3: Strengthening of Incentive Mechanisms

Indicator 3.1

  • Stocktaking and gap analysis of the incentive mechanisms at national level
  • Stocktaking and gap analysis of the incentive mechanisms at state level

Indicator 3.2

  • Incentive scheme based on application of Sustainability Standards for industrial areas (e.g., Industrial infrastructure upgradation scheme)
  • Compliance (3rd party) certification & reporting linked to extending of permit duration
  • CETP Overview Booklet (Compendium, Business Models and Scheme)
  • Online Environmental Self-Assessment Tool for MSMEs
  • Incentives for Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption

Indicator 3.3

  • Environmental Clinics in Industrial Parks.Awards for best performance.

Output 4: Strengthening of Knowledge Products; Output 5: Resource Efficiency & Sustainable Consumption & Production

Indicator 4.1

  • Handbook on Environmental Infrastructure Planning in Industrial Parks – Sewerage, Drainage
  • Handbook on Unified Industry Classification System for Environmental Regulators
  • Handbooks on “Induction Training System for CPCB/SPCBs” and “Skills courses for Existing Staff of CPCB/SPCBs
  • Handbook on Application of Sustainability Standards
  • Handbook for National Water Quality Portal
  • Handbook: Monitoring & Inspection Protocol
  • Good Practice DocumentsGuidelines for plantation (30%) in industrial areas

Indicator 4.2

  • Exhibition cum Workshop in UK (2020)Webinars
  • National symposiums – 3 nos. (2020, 2021, 2022)

Indicator 4.3

  • Guidelines for Assessment of Environmental Damage, Compensation & Penal Levies
  • CETP Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Recycling/reuse/ZLD
  • Guidelines for Incentives for Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption
  • Methods for Carrying Capacity Assessment of Rivers/Water Bodies