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b. Webinars 2020


The Sustainable & Environment-friendly Industrial Production (SEIP-II) is a joint project with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) within the framework of the Indo-German Development Cooperation. The aim of the project is the promotion of sustainable industrial development in the urban sphere by reducing industrial wastewater pollution through strengthening of strategic and operational governance structures including framework conditions for regulating, implementing and monitoring.

A series of webinars under the SEIP-II project are continuously being organised and hosted, describing several important aspects under Policy & Framework for Industrial Wastewater Management, Environmental Self-Assessment tool, Air Quality, Knowledge Products, Incentive Mechanisms, Resource efficiency (RE) and sustainable consumption & production (SCP). Invitations for the webinars are managed by the SEIP Project and distributed through the stakeholder and consultant networks.


National Environmental Law Portal - the need for an e-portal on Indian Environmental Laws

14th February 2020

Industrial Wastewater Management – Effluent Charges

24th January 2020

Industrial Wastewater Technology Platform - how to choose the best wastewater treatment system?

10th January 2020

Industrial Wastewater Management Framework India - industrial wastewater management

3rd January 2020

Knowledge & Technology Platform for Water & Wastewater - Information for Improved Water Management of Industrial Areas

17th December 2019

Best Practices in Environmental Management..Lessons Learnt in Wastewater Management of Industrial Areas

9th December 2019

Insights - Industrial Wastewater Management Framework.....Exploring various facets….

29th November 2019